Oculus Miffed: Kickstarting the Bandwagon

To explore the benefits and inherent dangers of beginning a lucrative, or believed to be, project on Kickstarter and whether it is ultimately viable in the face of the goliaths of gaming today, Sony and Microsoft. Where Sony retaliated a year or so afterwards, its project the Morpheus is said to rival the quality of the Oculus, followed quickly with PS4 support and PS4 exclusive games such as ‘Kitchen.’
Microsoft’s own project HoloLens while not derivative of the Oculus, seems very much inspired by this recently discovered appetite for virtual reality gaming. This despite no such foreseeable release date.

You must ultimately come to some conclusion about the viability of Kickstarter, which may concern issue of copyright (or intellectual property law.) (I’m studying law, but put your own spin on it.) You may also wish to consider the issue of trends, the bandwagon itself, in determining the success of new hardware or software.

  • I agree this topic needs to be discussed and even viewed in detail since it has become very infectious. Besides obvious success stories like yooka laylee or even Shenmue 3 it is hard to argue that making a kickstarter game seems very appealing. However as stated copyright can be the biggest issue if you are displaying your project. All it takes is one asset to be shown that is either very similar or looks like a complete copy of already existing material your project will be almost guaranteed to be shutdown. Besides that the other issue is also coming up with original content. In theory it sounds easy but it is far from it. I look forward to seeing who writes about this topic and what their conclusions are. – tylerjt 9 years ago

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