Old School = New School?

In both the world of television and movie old classics (whether it be movie to movie adaptations, movie to TV, or literature to movie) have been given a new breath of life. Some of these reboots have been successful such as Riverdale, Lethal Weapon, Gossip Girl, Vampire Diaries, 90210 and Pretty Little Liars, Star Trek, Chris Nolan’s Batman Trilogy. While others have not been so successful such as Baywatch, Knight Rider, Charlie’s Angels, Power Rangers, Robocop, Fantastic Four, TMNT. Why is that some of these Television and Movie reboots fair better than others and what could’ve been done to turn the not so successful into a success.

  • I don't have much of a definitive answer, but I have some observations based on the examples you gave. The Baywatch reboot was (judging solely by the trailers) a comedy. If it failed, it failed as a comedy, or maybe because people expected it to be like the original Baywatch and it wasn't...because it was a comedy. The Power Rangers movie improved on the single worst part of the old Power Rangers TV show - the painfully terrible acting/dialogue. But it failed to recreate the action/effects that made the old show so cool, especially for young children, which was the only reason the show lasted for 20+ years of redesigns. It misunderstood what the people wanted. – noahspud 6 years ago
  • It'd be a good idea to stablish first the success parameters used to classify these productions. Is it profits, critics' reception, cultural impact? – T. Palomino 2 years ago

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