Once Upon a Time: Dead in the Water or Emerging Fairytale?

Since many original cast members are not returning for season 7 of Once Upon a Time, discuss the ways in which the new season could (or could not) be an exciting revival of the fairytales we once knew. Is the OUAT we know over, or do you think the rejuvenation of characters and tales will be enough to keep the fanbase and viewers satisfied?

  • Love the topic, and the show. I was a little leery of Season 7, but I'm excited for it now. As Henry says in one clip, there are literally thousands of fairytale versions, plus other stories that could be explored. (Season 5, with its trip to the Underworld, proved the show could do mythology, so why not other story types/genres)? I do think the series needs to wrap up eventually, but am rooting for about 8 seasons. In TV show world, that seems to be a good place to stop. Any more than that and you tend to get stale. – Stephanie M. 7 years ago
  • I am a HUGE Once Upon a Time fan. I am nervous, for this new season, but I am giving it a chance because I don't believe Colin O'Donaghue or Robert Carlyle would have said yes to this season if they didn't have SOME faith in the new direction. – ivyskiss 7 years ago

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