Online vs Print: The Digital Age of Books

Discuss the history of books, moving from paperback to online. Consider what kind of options these new online books give people, and explore your own preference as to physical paperback books or books online, on your phone, or on an e-reader. Also reflect on how this industry can expand- can/will it? Will we ever see the end of paperback books, or is that, at the end of the day, what we will always return to?

  • I was completely against e-readers until I witnessed how quickly I could have a book in the palm of my hands. No matter the time, within seconds, the book was mine to relish--and that is how I personally became hooked on the e-reader. Do I still buy paperbacks, of course! The Strand Bookstore in NYC is my favorite place (especially the $1 vendors located outside the store!!) and I will never cease visiting this treasure trove of books that are impossible t find at the big name book sellers. Another plus about e-readers is the ability to search a word or phrase. In mere seconds, you can see how many times a word was used throughout the novel, or find the quote your professor was referring to that you forgot to mark off in your paperback. Personally, I find it much easier to read from print books, and I do feel I absorb more information. As a previous graduate student, I would also buy the ebook to look up information in a quick fashion when writing papers. Also, with things such as kindle unlimited for $8.99, a month, an e-reader is the way to go. $9 a month, and you can read 30 books in a month, if you choose?! – danielle577 8 years ago
  • To danielle577, I love your passion! I truly wish I could say I feel the same way, though. I really do. E-books are so easy, and the question of e-reader vs. print has been present in my mind for years now. There's something to the palpability of paper that I can't be without. Maybe mine is the emotional argument, where yours makes the most sense and has the most benefits! And for the record, thanks for your love of the Strand. I'm a fellow New Yorker and the Strand is truly wonderful. It's a shame that type of book culture isn't too common anymore. – elroddavid 7 years ago
  • I feel that the best way to resolve the preference for paper or digital is to combine both into one product. For instance, keep the pages but incorporate the digital technology into the book front and rear cover, which are usually thicker than the pages anyway. This would give readers the best of both worlds, for the time being until another way of delivering content is reinvented. – L:Freire 6 years ago

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