Ori and the Blind Forest: The Magic of Simplicity

In the age of 3D, high-voltage, intense action-packed games, Ori and the Blind Forest stands out for its simplicity. The stunning (but mainly 2D) graphics and a Disney-ish approach to storytelling make this simple game fun. So what makes it so beautiful and exciting? Analyze the strengths of Ori and the Blind Forest.

  • This game brings a simplicity that we've lost nowadays. We valorize an important visual over a good story that connects us to the game we're playing (for example Bioshock Infinite, with stunning graphics but dull storyline and repetitive quests). Also, the atmosphere the games create involves a very urban and modern characterization. Ori really innovated by bringing to a modern experience (the consoles) a comfort and simplicity inspired on the tales of the "Good Mother Nature", that really stands against the aura of destruction that permeates modern games. Ori proposes that we construct instead of shoot everything to the ground, and in a certain way makes us calm and relaxed, because the graphics are cute and comfortable and the storyline is beautiful. The painting this game produces is different from what we've been seeing and maybe it would be interesting if you searched if that line of thought for games already existed (and wich games fit into it) and if it's going to be developed. – Samuel23 9 years ago

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