The Evolution of Paper Girls

The greatness that is Paper Girls and what this means for a really good comic series. What the plot does for future comics, what the characters do for future comics and how the future of Paper Girls is looking for comic readers. There is not much to say about the evolution of Paper Girls without spoiling it for whoever is writing it – but, there is so much to say about the characters and the plot, where it will go and where it is going now!

  • After having just read an article that mentioned this comic series, along with Saga, I am now intrigued with Paper Girls and would love to learn more. I am very new to comics, and though I was at first apprehensive, I feel not giving this medium a chance would be a loss, on my part. – danielle577 8 years ago
  • Cool topic. Hopefully Iron Woman will be as dark as "the good black earth," in Curtis Mayfield's words. – Tigey 8 years ago

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