Parasyte: The Maxim as a Symbol for Childhood

Parasyte: The Maxim is a pretty graphic horror manga from the late 80’s early 90’s with anime and movie spin-offs. I would argue that in the early chapters, the story is symbolic of childhood in the form of Migi, the Parasyte. Migi is eager to learn, very curious, visual, extremely literal, and often misunderstands the young adult human world. Migi is a different look at childhood, from a source that can express itself as an adult with all the aspects of childhood.

  • It might also be good to note whether the symbolism is translated well or poorly into the anime adaptation, or if the anime seems to be aiming for a different message (for example, the various instances that allude to the fact that humanity is killing the environment). – CriticalOtaku 9 years ago
  • This anime did have very good character growth through Shinichi's change in design throughout the series as well. – ChrisKeene 9 years ago

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