Pearl and Rose's Relationship in Steven Universe

It’s essentially impossible to deny now that Pearl and Rose’s relationship in Steven Universe wasn’t romantic in at least some fashion. One of Steven Universe’s best qualities is arguably it’s queer representation. However, Pearl’s relationship with Rose as we understand it is infinitely complex and intersects with their standing first as a Rose and a Pearl, as a leader and as a subordinate, and as near equals. I’m interested in the nature of their relationship (i.e. whether it was healthy or not or the extent of it) and it’s lasting implications for Pearl’s character. I’m also interested in how it compares to Pearl’s relationship with characters like Amethyst and Steven especially. Basically, I think it would be interesting to explore how Pearl’s relationship with Rose and it’s healthy or unhealthy nature frames her current relationships in the show.

  • As I understand it, from the very few episodes that I've watched, they were not "near equals" and were in fact the opposite in that Pearls are almost, or are, the lowest gems. This topic is interesting, and I'd really like to see someone explore the deep seated obsession Pearl has with the deceased Rose; it's one of the more dangerous obsessions in television that I've seen. – Steven Gonzales 8 years ago

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