Can we fix our political system?...Or is this going to be the norm?

Should it be ok to let adults who are running our country behave like this? Spending more time trying to slander and demonize the other, rather than talking about the important issues facing our country, and by extension our planet. Debates are supposed to be where we get to see what the candidates stand for and how they plan to improve our situation. Instead we watched a season of the Real World ‘DC’. People seem to be voting for their choice, not because they are the most qualified, but because the other is just far worse. ‘The lesser of two evils’ is a phrase that has worked its way into our political discourse, and the American populace is suffering because off it. How did we get here? How did we let evil be a part of the conversation in the first place?

  • A way to fix the bias present in this topic might be to look at the debates from this election in comparison to debates from past elections. How does debates beind turned into a joke reflect on the political system or government as a whole? – MichelleAjodah 7 years ago

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