Portraying the President

From movies like "Air Force One" and "Independence Day" to the Tom Clancy movies to more modern productions like "The Kingsmen," show how the President of the United States has been shown in movies. How has the role of the President changed over time, and does it reflect the changes in the political climate at the time?

  • "White House Down" features Jamie Foxx as our first Black President who has plenty of smarts and guts to help overthrow an invasion of home grown terrorists. In November 2015 a TV documentary, "Lincoln: American Mastermind" exposed the myth of "Honest Abe" and the skulduggery of Lincoln's campaign manager and staff. Lincoln was a "master politician, clever tactician, and skilled manipulator, bending men to his will." He was all about getting elected. This was broadcast less than a week before most of our presidential primaries. – Lorraine 8 years ago
  • You could also use tv shows such as Scandal. – asd5261 8 years ago
  • Love this topic. We have always been obsessed with adulating our president in film with predominantly in positive portrayals. However it would be very interesting to note minute differences between these positive portrayals- how personal to the stories get? Is our president sensitive or stoic? Would be interesting to see how the presidential portrayal changes after this race... – AndyJanz 8 years ago

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