(Possible) Depictions of Autism in Anime

With autism becoming a growing phenomenon, it has become large enough to get official as well as ambiguous depictions in Western fiction. However, the disorder seems to be largely ignored in anime… Or is it? Analyze anime characters who, while not explicitly autistic, exhibit symptoms and behaviors associated with autism spectrum disorders.

  • You may want to give some examples for those who don't know anything about autism. – RadosianStar 8 years ago
  • I wouldn't say autistic, but there are anime characters that show signs attributed to developmental disorders. Speaking inaudibly, trouble grasping simple concepts, being savants in some way, impaired speech, etc. Good topic, especially considering the wide array of characters that make up the anime universe. – MikeySheff 7 years ago
  • I would suggest clarifying what you mean by "autism becoming a growing phenomenon..." What do you mean by this? Autism rates growing in numbers; autism becoming apparent in popular culture? This can be misconstrued a bit, perhaps offer information that supports this topic. – N.D. Storlid 7 years ago
  • Maybe provide a proper, medical definition of autism and expand on the characteristics of it. Perhaps research how the creator(s) of the anime meant for the characters to be interpreted. – SecretEve 7 years ago

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