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Prince of Tennis: A Dream Team We Never Had (...yet)

Among all the sports anime produced by Japan, Prince of Tennis can perhaps be among those on top of it’s league when it comes to fanbase and story development.

Apart from the awesome tennis techniques it has introduced, characterization is also highly notable. Personalities are unique, making it easier for viewers to relate with any of the ones presented.

But with all the interesting teams and schools we’ve encountered so far, have you ever thought about what your dream team will look like in case you’re given the chance to pick any of the characters and include them in your own team?

Selection will be difficult if you only base it on the skills of the individuals, which is where you preference comes in. Is skill your primary criteria for the selection or will the looks also matter. How about leadership and attitude?

Put yourselves in the shoe of any coach and see who can bring your team on top. Will a group of power players be efficient or will those all-rounders land you a secure spot for the championships. Remember, you are the coach. Your players are your choice.

So get yourself ready. Trim down your options to the potential ones and get them on board! Here’s a potential team that might just be one of the best out there.

  • As someone who's played sports for years, tennis being one, I rarely put myself in the coach's shoes. Sounds like an interesting way to measure cause and effect. – tamarahwebb 9 years ago

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