Professor Xavier and MLK. Magneto and Malcolm X.

Analyse and explain the similarities between Professor Xavier from the X-men comics and Martin Luther King Jr. Do the same for Magneto and Malcolm X. Finally, analyse the relationship, ideals, and tensions between the two fictional characters and how it might relate to the ideas and relationship between Martin Luther King Jr and Malcolm X.

  • This looks like it is going to be a really good compare and contrast topic. – Munjeera 8 years ago
  • Never thought of that. Maybe also relate to the time period the comics were written in and possible influences given when they were being written. – Jutor 8 years ago
  • I agree with Munjeera. It's a comparison I've heard mentioned before, but I think by comparing and contrasting the fictional characters with their corresponding historical figures, you can give an in-depth take on the idea. – akb1994 8 years ago
  • This comparison occurred to me when I read an article on the Artifice about Magneto Testament and its take on the Holocaust, although I can't remember where I initially came across this way of thinking about the two characters. Of course, we're talking about a specific phase in Malcolm X's thinking, and exaggerated to a more extreme and theatrical degree. If Magneto can be read as a parallel to Malcolm X's "by any means necessary" philosophy, then Xavier becomes the representative of Dr. King's "I have a dream." It's an engaging way of thinking about it, but not perfect. For one, Dr. King was non-violent. While Xavier has some resistance to the idea of violence, the X Men wouldn't be the X Men if they were simply advocates of peaceful protest. In fact, their main interest, by and large, is in keeping bad mutants in check, rather than mobilising fellow mutants to fight the oppressive status quo. Obviously, this does not parallel MLK. – TKing 8 years ago
  • X-men was written and modeled to represent these two men exactly. It's not a coincidence; that was the original intent. The story is supposed to be the race struggle. – CharmieJay 8 years ago
  • On what grounds, though? Any reasoning behind this specific comparison? – T. Palomino 2 years ago

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