Race and Gender in Sleepy Hollow

Sleepy Hollow is a supernatural show with a black female lead (Abbie) and a white male lead (Ichabod). At times, especially in the second season, Abbie would be sidelined so the narrative could focus more on Ichabod’s love life, and now, as of the season three finale, Abbie has been killed for Ichabod’s sake.

Analyze the intersected representation of both race and gender in Sleepy Hollow. How is Abbie portrayed compared to her white male counterpart? How are other characters, such as Frank and Jenny, treated within the show’s narrative? When it comes to attempts to portray female characters other than Abbie, how are they presented? What is the effect of the characters of color who only appear when their culture is appropriated for story purposes? (Big Ash.)

  • Emily you were reading my mind. I appreciate the gender and all the color in Sleepy Hollow. I may take this one on, time permitting. – Venus Echos 8 years ago

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