Race Lifting in Adaptations and Differing Responses

Look at how a character’s race/ethnicity changing in adaptations affects the story (if at all). Also look at how responses vary from between demographics and from which characters are changed and what this reveals about how audiences think about the races of characters. I.e. Human Torch/Johnny Storm (white) becoming black in Fantastic Four (2015) causes a social media firestorm, but Ra’s Al-Ghul (Arab) and Talia Al-Ghul (Arab/Chinese) becoming white in Nolan’s Dark Knight Trilogy draws no response, etc.

  • The Bond franchise's Felix Leiter is another interesting example - the writer could look at what the portrayal of Bond's American counterpart as black says about the modern American identity, and just how much this has changed since the inception of the franchise. – IRBurnett 8 years ago
  • Interesting idea. Cold Mountain had a character that changed from Black to White, resulting in a loss of impact to the story. – WALSTIB 8 years ago

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