Re-imagining Relationships: The Brave New Frontier of Televised Romance

Recently there has been some great new relationships on TV. Television writers used to pair of a stoic white male lead and a brainy yet empowered female lead together, and no one else really mattered. This still happens, but there has certainly been a shift on how televised relationships are considered. Agents of Shield has a strong female lead who falls in love with the stereotypical stoic white male, but because of obviously spoilers, doesn’t work. More importantly, the "nerds" of the show are given significant air time to work out their own relationship.

This article could explore some of the new ways TV is recognizing diverse and real relationships beyond its boring and overdone cookie cutter couples.

  • A few examples which come to mind is: Claire and Frank Underwood (House of Cards), Jaime and Cersei Lannister (Game of Thrones). While I personally have not watched any television shows which display the relationships of homosexual relationships, that may be another topic which this could discuss. – Matthew Sims 9 years ago

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