Representations of Mental Illness in Television

Analyze the ways in which mental illness is represented on modern television shows, focusing on particular shows and characters within them. Examine specific examples of how various forms of mental illness are represented, including depression, anxiety and PTSD. Research how representation has changed in recent years, focusing on if and how it has improved or become more prevalent compared to television produced years ago.

  • Good examples to write about include the TV series You're the Worst and Jessica Jones as well as the films Love & Mercy and American Sniper. – BoomBap 8 years ago
  • To whoever writes this article: "You're The Worst" Season 2 was the best representation of mental illness and depressive behavior I've ever seen on television. That being said, it was extraordinarily triggering for myself and for other sufferers of mental illness to whom it's been recommended. I'd strongly advocate for its inclusion in this piece, but proceed with caution. – Piper CJ 8 years ago

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