Role of Tabletop Gaming In Geek Society

This article should talk about the various different archetypes of geeks, and what role tabletop games have as a culturally biased medium.

  • When you say "archetypes of geeks" what do you mean exactly? I feel that there is a way that this article could be very satirical or just plain offensive so figuring out that direction would be good. – Jemarc Axinto 7 years ago
  • You also should look into how tabletop games have evolved in North America. The industry that is largely focused around European strategy games like Settlers of Catan. These games take hours to complete and come with collectables which create a stereotypical "geek" culture. However, these games have also become extremely "cool" and mainstream through the growing popularity in board game cafes (ie. Snakes and Lagers in Toronto) and Wil Wheaton's popular Youtube series Tabletop with Wil Wheaton. In fact, I would go so far to say that board games are cooler than they've ever been! – Samantha 7 years ago

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