Sandbox Games vs Linear Story Telling Games

As there are many genres of video games, it’s usually difficult to compare two different kinds. You can’t compare a FPS shooter with the Legend of Zelda series for example. However, these two genres are polar opposites of each other and are often brought up in forums when discussing their own genre. Identify what each genre is, the pros and cons of each one, the limitations of each, and what kind of audience each would appeal to.

  • You also have MMOs (massively multiplayer online). These games usually consist of a story plot but also leave the map open to explore. With the online multiplayer option these games give the player the ability to team up with people in their server and work together. Depending on the game what type of character you have in the game can also affect what missions are given. There are several different types of video games that people play today. – amandajarrell 8 years ago

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