Self Publishing: What is the Best Way to Advertise Your Book

(Note: I am very interested in seeing this topic become an article. Being a self published author who struggles to advertise my books successfully, I’m in need of a few fresh ideas, both ideas presented by the article itself and by the comments that will follow. Thanks so much to whomever writes this!)

In today’s world, many people aspire to become full-fledged authors. However, agents and publishing companies can only take on so many clients. Thus, many people resort to self publishing, meaning that every work they produce must be advertised by themselves. There are many ways to advertise a book, both on the internet and off, but where do self published authors find the best venues to promote their books? What techniques could be employed by authors to draw attention and interest to their books? List techniques or venues on the internet and off, as well as how authors of fiction can promote their books in contrast to authors of non-fiction.

  • I think this is an interesting topic, too. I've self-published a book myself and struggle with marketing it. I did find, however, that giving out ARCs and holding free giveaway contests (like on Goodreads, or on my blog) helps generate interest and even reviews. Needless to say, they won't always be GOOD reviews, but the old mantra, "Any press is good press," applies here. That's just been my experience, though. I'd love to hear what more successful self-pubbed authors have to say! – Christina 9 years ago
  • I really like this idea. I think you could develop a very intriguing article that a lot of people reading this magazine would find extremely helpful. I think you could utilize a "step-by-step" section within this article to break it down even further and help self-publishing become even less daunting. Love it! - Emily – emilykirsten 9 years ago
  • The obvious [url="http://www.google.co.uk"]answer[/url] is no, you shouldn't, but at the same time it does raise questions about what we are doing as a society and what we are missing out on. Instead of going and achieving dreams and accomplishing goals we are sitting in front of a YouTube screen watching others enjoy themselves. A good example of this is a YouTube star that goes by the name of PewDiePie. PewDiePie is famous for his videos where he will play video games and make comments about them. Sounds like a fun little hobby, but for him it is a full-time job where he raked in over $7 million dollars in 2014 himself and at one point was purchased by Disney. Now what does that say about a society when instead of playing video games we now watch other people have fun playing them. It is odd that we have the need to watch someone accomplish their goals or dreams and never actually accomplish any of ours. Another good example is how important celebrity gossip has become in our society (An easy pun on this article). Of course you must have heard of the Kardashians, or maybe a hundred other celebrities who you have heard of, but know nothing about. What is our strategy, why do we sit and eat up all of this information when it has nothing to do with us in our daily lives? We want to accomplish something, but by talking about all of this nonsense nothing is actually being accomplished. Maybe we should stop talking, complaining, or making a mockery of things that do not pertain to us and start dealing with stuff that does. By doing this we may actually be accomplishing what we want to do instead of eyeing up what other people are accomplishing. At the same time, sure some people do like making jokes of other people that they do not know, or complain about them and they do receive benefits. Looking back at the Shia LeBeouf video, there are pun videos that have received tens of millions of views. "Shia LeBeouf - Just Do It" is a complete joke on itself. It is entertaining and funny with a bunch of stupid motions thrown in. That is what we need. We need something that is entertaining to watch, yet at the same time the video to be motivating. While it is a joke to itself he is doing what he wants and he is trying to get other people to do it too through the<a href="https://www.google.com">power</a> of motivation. – JustinMcElroy 9 years ago

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