Shanks character

One of the first introduced characters with screen time less than 15 chapters( not for whole chapter either). But Shanks has the highest amount of popularity among the characters who got less screen time. A role model, a target for Luffy and one of the strongest person in the One Piece world.
Though Oda sensei gave him such a short screen time he already told us a lots of things about Shanks. Let me talk about that.

When Oda introduced him in chapter 1, we see him as a guy who loves to party with his boys and really doesn’t like needless fights. When a local thug hit him he did him nothing I mean NOTHING(that time he was a rising Emperor). That gives us a really clear message of what kinds of role plays in the world.

You can refer to Shanks as the peacekeeper or Balance Keeper( it will be a better word ) of the world. A guy who doesn’t like unnecessary fights , keeping a balance between the world Govt. and the Sea Emperors.

Let’s start his segment with Whitebeard. When Ace was Going after Blackbeard, Shanks went to met Whitebeard so that Whitebeard stop him. He knew that Ace couldn’t beat him and if Ace gets captured he will do anything to rescue him.

Even the Five elders and Sengoku knows him as someone who doesn’t like needless fights. When Shanks met WB, they were not much worried of a war that may break out between two Yonko. They even gave him such a rare opportunity of meeting with them where he talked with them about a certain Pirate.

When Shanks entered Marineford tell the Marine to stop. Sengoku stopped the war. He only did it because of Shanks.

Even Though Shanks has such a peaceful mind, time to time he can be a gangster too. He will do it if someone hurts his friends.

Even after caring about his friends this much he has a particular way of thinking. If two people think so much differently it’s better to part away as a pirate. He understands two completely different ideologies cant stay together even though they are friends.

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