Shaun the Sheep: Aardman Animations and the nostalgia for Wallace and Gromit

Shaun the Sheep Movie, based on the show of the same name which was a spin-off from Aardman’s classic Wallace and Gromit series of short films, was disappointing in the box office despite being a great family movie. Many kids in the US remember growing up with Wallace and Gromit shorts – A Grand Day Out, A Close Shave, The Wrong Trousers – and I expected some of that nostalgia to affect Shaun the Sheep Movie’s run domestically. Does Wallace and Gromit still hold a nostalgic factor for Aardman Animations? Or was the box office disappointment reflecting something else – a contrary humor, a dislike for silent films, low popularity of stop-motion? Aardman’s last film, Pirates! Band of Misfits, was also low in the box office. What does this mean for Aardman’s upcoming film, Early Man (2018) and the proposed Shaun the Sheep Movie sequel?

  • I think part of the reason for the box office trouble is that there seems to be little production from the flagship of Wallace & Gromit. Shaun the Sheep is only vaguely connected, and all the others have no connexion to the flagship. – JDJankowski 8 years ago

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