"She Does" Podcast

The She Does Podcast features conversations with creative women making their mark in the field of media. The series has showcased creative professionals from various different industries, from Kirsten Lepore who’s written and directed an episode of Cartoon Network’s Adventure Time, Academy Award nominee for Winter’s Bone, Debra Granik, and Mary Coleman, the Senior Development Executive at Pixar Animation Studios.
Why is it important to tell share the success stories of women in creative fields? For inspiration? Does it encourage more women to do so?

Note: This podcast is available on iTunes and at shedoespodcast.com
I am not affiliated with them in any way, just found the series very interesting.

  • I think it does good for aspiring young women in these fields. As someone looking to go into creative media, I find She Does extremely helpful. If you want to do a further indepth look into female focused organizations, Film Fatales is a nationwide group that provides mentorship among female filmmakers. I'm a member, and it's been really helpful just to know that there are people in my city that I can go to for help whenever I need it. – marsthebard 8 years ago
  • Liz Gilbert's "Magic Lessons" podcast is similar. Just a heads up. :) – Kristian Wilson 8 years ago
  • I definitely think, especially when I see a lot more male film directors, that having a podcast where women speak of their goals and accomplishments in creative fields does encourage other women to pursue what they want and engage in fictional narratives. – Emily Deibler 8 years ago
  • I think its extremely important to share the stories of women in creative fields. It tends to be a very male dominant career in terms of leadership. Promoting the experiences and successes of women who have excelled is extremely important to help inspire future generations. – ericaty 8 years ago

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