Should Reality TV's Name Be Change to Fictional Reality TV?

With the rise of so many news stories revealing how Reality TV isn’t real at all, should the name "Reality TV" be changed to reflect what it really is–Fictional Reality TV (FRTV) Reality TV truly represents the idea of what people experience on a daily basis, but these experiences that are showcased on Reality TV are forced manipulations to make it appealing to watch. For example, Discovery Channel’s Alaskan Bush People supposedly live off the Alaskan land, and they barter for the things they need. Since they are getting paid for the TV show, do they really barter to get the things they need? Furthermore, if the name is changed to FRTV, will the ratings of these shows be impacted? Are people or a reality show’s audience more likely to discredit the show if the genre is visible, calling the show what it is?

  • "Fictional reality TV" might be a mouthful, but I say a name change is definitely in order. Personally, I know reality shows are scripted, but I still enjoy a few. Actually, knowing they're scripted sometimes makes the experience better. Example: I watch parenting-centered shows like Supernanny, and I know the camera people must be behind their equipment saying, "I'll give you a piece of candy if you call Mommy a poopoo head." The thought is hysterical. – Stephanie M. 7 years ago
  • Hi Stephanie, I was devasted to find out the reality TV was so scripted. I thought camera men just followed people and the editors cut and paste to make sure there was a climatic point to the story. I'm glad we agree that there should be a name change. Acronyms are so popular in our society that all we have to do is start using FRTV, and I bet it catches on. Thank you for the feedback! – Vchelle 7 years ago
  • I prefer the term, "Cancelled." – Tigey 7 years ago

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