Similarities and differences between Seinfeld and Regular Show

In 1990s, Seinfeld was a show generally about nothing. No overarching plotline to drive it or predictable scenarios. Regular Show has the same thing and the only difference is it’s a cartoon. Was Regular Show inspired by Seinfeld, what differences does it hold, and why are its themes borderline adult on a cartoon kid’s channel?

  • Regular show seems to be about finding greatness (or awesomeness) in an otherwise boring world. The characters aren't well educated, work and live in their low-skilled place of employment, and obsess over their childhoods. The Seinfeld cast for the most part had white collar jobs with separate personal and private spheres. They also didn't find their lives that unsatisfying. But the real difference is Regular Show is about learning to be mature despite who you are at the moment. At its start, Moredecai couldn't talk to a girl, Muscleman was just a jerk, and Benson had no concept of empathy. Compare that to who they are now. – rj2n 7 years ago

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