South Park and linear story telling

South Park is undeniably a trend setter in its crude political, up to date humour. From its conception in 1997 until its 18th season, South Park did not really attempt a full season story arc. There have been a few three episode long specials but none like the 19th or 20th seasons. It is interesting to see these characters who have pushed the boundaries for years, finally have ramifications for their actions that carry over from episode to episode. Personally, I have enjoyed this change of pace and I am excited to see how the 20th season unfolds. It would be interesting to see what this could mean for South Park’s style of comedy, for their future story telling and much more!

  • Great Topic!!! – MikeySheff 8 years ago
  • You might want to add a question for the writer to answer, such as, what did they do successfully in the last iteration of multiple episodic storytelling and what would you like to see them continue doing? Or... what would be some good topics for South Park to explore in the coming seasons? – Kevin 8 years ago
  • I find that in a lot of shows like family guy and american dad are almost trying the same. – granharv 8 years ago
  • Yes, would be interesting to compare this type of storytelling in animation to Family Guy and American Dad. – Sonia Charlotta Reini 7 years ago

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