Spiderman- A franchise analysis

Spiderman is a superhero who has had several on screen adaptations, each of which offers a unique take on the character. This article will discuss and compare these adaptations, what aspects of the hero each of them envisioned and the success they had in doing so.

  • Hmm...might need to consider a question or theory that you are really wanting to tease out to avoid this just becoming a review of the Spider-Man films. – SaraiMW 7 years ago
  • Perhaps you could approach this topic by examining the circumstances for the various reboots of the franchise in such a short amount of time. Was there an underlying sociopolitical context that had an impact on the films and/or reboot? You could also consider juxtaposing the Spiderman movies with the different iterations of Batman or Superman on film. – bcurran 6 years ago

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