Sports Anime: Accurate, Ridiculous or Both?

With anime like Kuroko no Basket, Daiya no Ace, and Haikyuu!!, watchers of sports anime are immediately thrust into settings with high school-aged characters that are passionate about the sports they play. And with that passion, comes a lot of information about the rules of the sport. Even upon watching the first episode of, say, Daiya no Ace; watchers are already being forced to learn – or at least acknowledge – the rules of baseball, through the dialogue of the characters. In later episodes, and especially later seasons, watchers (over the span of watching more episodes) obtain a lot of information about the sports the characters play. And because it is "sports anime", the anime is based off of the sport it portrays, and thereby (attempts to, or) abides by the rules of the game / sport. Watchers of sports anime may even find themselves watching live-action sports on television and being able to understand at least some of the rules of the real game.

With that said, sports anime like Kuroko no Basket and Prince of Tennis obviously have many extreme elements – like characters with (basically) superpowers (The Generation of Miracles [Kuroko no Basket] and Echizen volleying 10 tennis balls in one stroke [Prince of Tennis]).

Is it okay to classify sports anime as accurate? The extreme elements of these anime are clear, but the anime simultaneously are based around the rules of the sport. Is sports anime considered ridiculous on a "literal level" because of its extreme elements, or can the real and the fake elements coexist to create a sensible story line?

  • Granted that sports anime have a great deal of passion, but isn't passion a common trait in anime. – RadosianStar 7 years ago
  • You're absolutely right. Passion, almost to the point of extreme devotion (in this case), is definitely present in anime. – gabby918 7 years ago

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