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Star Driver: Over the top in the good way

Another Mecha series from the BONES library. I really did enjoy this show when it came out and it seemed to get a lot attention on the initial release but sadly it doesn’t seem like it is being remembered fondly by anime fans. The series came out in 2010 but didn’t get nearly the attention it deserved, mainly because its released had to be pushed back thanks to Bandai Entertainment having to close their doors in America.

Was there room for more from this series? Probably not. It’s pretty self contained. The Cybodies and the four Shrine Maidens are heavily tied to the island. It’s not like they can discover another island and start all over again. It would essentially just be a repeat of what we had already seen.

While researching for this review I took the time to look up the movie. I never got around to watching the movie so I was curious if it had any new content or helped to give the show the proper ending I thought it deserved. No, sadly its just a compilation movie, one where appreantly they didn’t take the time to add any new scenes to it. A good complication movie needs some new scenes. You knew this BONES when you made Rahxephon but forgot it when you got around to Star Driver. Why did you do it?

Rating: B/A

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