Star Wars: A Noobie's Guide

What are some need-to-know things a noobie like myself needs to know to be ready for The Force Awakens?A basic run down of important characters, themes, and the universe would be important.

  • Rule #1 Ignore Episodes I, II and III. If you remember that then you should be alright. – Michael Clancy 9 years ago
  • Episode III had merits. I truely think it did, there were some good action bits, some interesting politics, good lines ("only Sith deal in absolutes!" is a very profound statement) just ignore Euan McGregor saying 'younglings'. – Francesca Turauskis 9 years ago
  • I'd actually say that it'd be necessary to address the prequels; if this is meant to be a guide for people who have absolutely no knowledge of the Star Wars films, then to avoid confusion, it'd probably be best to talk about the history of the series as a whole, not cutting out the bits that some don't care for. That doesn't mean the writer has to endorse the prequels; it just means they ought to maintain their integrity and address all six movies in equal detail. – August Merz 9 years ago
  • I don't think the prequels will be needed to go into much detail here, nor the expanded universe (comics and television shows). Of what we've seen from The Force Awakens so far, there is very little that is relatable to the prequels, I really think you only need to know about the original trilogy to be ready for, to understand fully The Force Awakens. That's not to say that the prequels should be left out entirely; they do offer some good back story/ historical context to the Star Wars universe. – Jamie 9 years ago

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