Story or Trophies: A Gamer's Dilema

With all video games hooked into the internet and social media, what is more enjoyable: the story of the game and the personal experience of the gamer, or the pressure to achieve trophies and on-line notoriety. How is this trend impacting games and gamers?

  • For Story is for non-competitive gamers, while Trophies are for competitive gamers, I feel – Aaron Hatch 9 years ago
  • To whoever picks this one up: the two don't have to be in opposition. Both are parts of a gaming experience that are designed to keep you playing the game. The feeling of annihilating an immortal being in God of War and getting a coveted badge in Call of Duty both make you feel -- for the lack of a better word -- like a badass. Or take a look at some other story driven games. In Portal 2, there's are achievements for completing alternate tasks that lead to a new "ending". It's a trophy given for your actions in completing the story. The two should always be viewed synchronously. – Austin 9 years ago

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