Strength and vulnerability in the film adaptation of Cinderella

Analyze why Cinderella and her vulnerability is so appealing to audiences for the past sixty years with looks at the Disney and Rodgers and Hammerstein films, with a discussion on the Strong Female Character and how Cinderella’s quiet resolve in the new adaptation subverts our expectation of female heroism.

  • Really interesting topic. I think I would include a section on the literary appeal of Cinderella, from the first tale and its different adaptations the various uses of Cinderella's myth and character in contemporary literature, as a sort of literary framework. Everyone knows the tale - what connotations authors and filmmakers expect us to get from using Cinderella's myth? Think about how Angela Carter plays with well-known fairy tales. Could also reflect on how elements of the myth have changed and why - why did the shoe become glass (Disney perpetuated that idea) ? why can we only portray Cinderella's shoe as made of glass ever since? Bringing Into the Woods in it would also be interesting. In regards to female heroism, maybe this can be linked to other fairy tales? – Rachel Elfassy Bitoun 7 years ago

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