Stronger only when you fall?

I have always seen movies or read books about where protagonists become strong when they fall down or get their heartbroken. But does it have to be that way? it may be possible that characters can never heal from what affected them negatively, but they can become strong from the other things that hurt them.

  • I believe looking at a character who fails a lot, but gets stronger due to their failures is a better direction for this topic. Like everyone else I agree that your topic is too generalized. Doing a character case study will probably give this topic more direction. – Blackcat130 4 years ago
  • It sounds like you're proposing a couple of different potential thesis. One could be that when protagonists suffer, they can get stronger. Or, is sounds like you are proposing the opposite as well: protagonists who suffer will remain broken. You might want to clarify if you are proposing one of these ideas or a comparison and contrast styled piece. – Passerby 4 years ago

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