Supernatural: The Success and Failure of Continuing Series'

Analyze both the successes and failures the TV show Supernatural has encountered; the plot lines of different seasons and where the original plan to end the series was found, the success of the fanbase, the acting, the writing, and the plans to continue the series. Compare it to other long-lasting TV series, and consider what makes them so successful. Consider as well, the well-done series that are cut short and what made them end up failing.

  • there is so much to talk about with this one, i love supernatural and sometimes i am surprised it is still standing and going on because normally you get tired of tv shows after 11+ seasons; but, not with supernatural. – scole 8 years ago
  • There's definitely a lot to talk about here, from the interesting use of mythology from around the world to create interesting threats to humanity as well as the bond between family and what exactly that means at the end of the day, to how writers and producers created in my opinion the perfect ending to the series at the conclusion of season 5 but continued the series, to the general attitude of queer baiting that seems to permeate the dialogue and interactions between Dean and Castiel. – Nayr1230 8 years ago
  • Definitely talk about what it's like to be a road show with an overarching plot. In movies that involve road trips, there is typically not a strong plot-driven story; instead, the story is character driven, and the point of the story is the character development that occurs on the road. Road movies/shows can't have plot-driven stories, because it defies the point of a road movie. The early seasons of Supernatural are set up like a road movie, where the episodic storytelling style connects only slightly. The main focus of the Winchesters was finding their father, an act that tested their strengths and weaknesses as characters. However, in the later seasons where the show was thought to be heading off the rails, there is still a road-movie style, but also a very strong overarching plot. – Sarah Bish 6 years ago

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