Symbolism of Colour and Race

I’m not a person of colour so this topic isn’t for me, but it would be interesting to see someone write an article on how ingrained the symbolism of white and black is in Western society. Like things as white are coded as "good, pure, holy" ect where black is coded as "evil, impure, associated with death" ect. and how that’s kind of built into a lot of popular imagery and maybe how reversing those codes can be seen as an act of political subversion like having white represent coldness, antiseptic, emptiness and using the colour black to symbolize something like warmth and comfort ect. Anyways these things are just super pervasive and it would be interesting to see some one really analyze how that kind of symbolism plays into and reinforces racism in media

  • Kudos to you for suggesting this topic. – Munjeera 8 years ago
  • The complementary treatises by Umberto Eco entitled "On Ungliness" and "On Beauty" could be a useful departure point for a historical discussion of this topic. – AnaMRuiz 8 years ago

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