Sympathy for the Devil: Hades in Media

In Greek mythology numerous Gods did evil things: Zeus destroyed entire civilizations, killed and raped numerous people and cheated on his wife countless times and that’s only one. However, Hades, lord of the underworld, is not evil. The closest thing to evil he ever got was kidnapping Persephone. However, in media Hades is shown to be a villain such as Disney’s Hercules and the Clash of the Titans remake, mostly due to the Christian belief that whoever rules below is evil. One could look into these and other misrepresentations of the mythological character and how he’s gotten a bad rep over the years.

  • On the opposite side in the Percy Jackson novels, Hades is the only one that keeps his promise and is the one that seems to be a strong father figure to Nico. Also he comes to the aid of the protagonists in the final battle, unlike any of the other gods. – Tyler McPherson 9 years ago
  • Absolutely love this idea! Hades makes an appearance in Jim Butcher's Dresden series as well, not as a Satan analog, but as a good guy bound by rules. Thanks for suggesting this! – Monique 9 years ago
  • THANKS FOR SPOILER DRESDEN FOR ME MONIQUE. Just kidding. I am still reading so it'll be interesting to see when that happens.. unless you're talking about the fallen angel in the 30 pieces of silver which isn't really Satan. – wolfkin 9 years ago

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