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"Anne With An E" - Elucidating emotional realism and compassion

Some parents feel that Netflix’s Original series "Anne With An E," a remake of Montgomery’s beloved "Anne of Green Gables," goes too far in introducing topics such as child abuse, neglect, bullying, and sex to a family audience. Others feel it is an amazing and beautiful handling of these topics, teaching compassion and consideration even in a dark world. How does discussing difficult emotion promote or prevent healing and understanding?

  • J'adore your topic! :) – Stephanie M. 7 years ago
  • Thanks! :) – CLHale 7 years ago
  • For TV series and movies for family viewing, there are plenty of services now available like ‘common sense media’ which can help concerned parents discern whether the material can provide ground for difficult but stimulating conversations. – Dr. Vishnu Unnithan 4 years ago