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'Forged' artworks in the international art market

The international art market functions based on the premise that prized works in western art history will continue appearing. But there is a limited number of pieces that can bring six-figure commissions to auctioneers and experts, particularly when contemporary works, and art from post-colonial nations, are generally ignored. This situation encourages forgers like Beltracchi, who said in the documentary The Art of Forgery, that the higher the price of the artwork, the less scrutiny from dealers.

In this context, can the forgery of artworks be interpreted as a revolutionary action that challenges the status quo of the international art market? Are these forged paintings still art?

  • Maybe they could also analyze what it means to society if forgery is given worth and how it could potentially impact future art to come. – JulieCMillay 8 years ago
  • I agree that cliche is such a damning critque. – sktthemes 8 years ago