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How does the popularity of a movie change based on the attractiveness of the main characters?

A deeper look into different cultures’ perception of beauty and how they can affect one’s inclination to watch a movie or film

  • The article resulting from this would be compelling if it succeeded in saying anything other than "films with more attractive actors are also more popular." – IsidoreIsou 7 years ago
  • Are there any films where more grotesque main characters actually make the film more appealing and thus more popular? Will there be a distinction between the actor's beauty and that of the character? Will the article resulting from this prompt consider exploring non-physical components of attractiveness and beauty? – IsidoreIsou 7 years ago
  • What about frankenstein? Does that count? – dandeliaon 7 years ago
  • Really interesting idea for an article. I would say that its kind of a difficult topic because its hard to really "prove" anything definitely in terms of popularity due to beauty. But the idea is very provocative and I think that looking at beauty and how it plays a role in cinema - esp modern cinema - is a really great idea. Maybe focus less on the popularity and more on just the role beauty plays. – SDale42 7 years ago
  • This is a really cool idea but I think you have to be careful because you could end up going down a rabbit hole of ideas that branch off of this one; such as beauty standards in America, beauty standards in media, etc. I think also it's important to have a thesis with this, like should we not see movies because the leads are attractive? What is the point of writing this? – hannahb 7 years ago