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Making a "Good" B-Movie

There has been much analysis over what makes certain films "so bad they’re good." This article would take this idea a bit further by discussing what makes a good B-Movie (a movie made to be laughably bad intentionally). The key to the article would be to explore how these films portray "do bad they’re good" material in a way that is entertaining and without seeming overly manufactured. The article would also likely juxtapose what makes B-Movies like Sharknado or Eight-Legged-Freaks entertaining and other B-Movies very forgettable.

  • Like Airplane and Naked Gun or any movie with Leslie Nielsen. – Munjeera 8 years ago
  • I think it was the American Film Institute that placed Airplane as their number one comedy of all time. Can that really be a B-movie? – Tigey 8 years ago
  • The categorization of B-movies can be biased. When reviewing the notes, theres already contention regarding what is and what is not a B-movie. When I think of a B-movie I immediately associate it with being cheesy, cliche, and silly. For example, though quite dated, the movie Meatballs would likely be referred to as a B-movie. What might be even more interesting is what is the connection between the common manner in which B-movie's become "cult-classics?" Is it because the movie has been downgraded and people feel they must support it? Could it be something a bit more heavy, such as vocalizing against the mores of societal expectations in reference to cinematic works? – danielle577 8 years ago