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Biracial Identity and Half-Demon Characters in Anime

I’m watching Inuyasha for the first time and as a biracial person, I identify a lot with his complicated relationship to his race. He’s half human and half demon, but is always trying to squash proof of his human half by overcompensating his demon half. He experiences negative stereotyping because of his identity and though I’m only in season 3, it seems like Inuyasha’s struggle with identity will lead to him being forced to "choose" one or the other.

Half-demon characters are fairly memorable in anime, and it’s usually a big deal when it’s revealed. I’m thinking Rin from Blue Exorcist, here. Even looking at Yusuke from Yu Yu Hakusho and his discovery of demon heritage could be tied to the concept of "passing" or even embracing one’s culture when it’s been erased from your history.

  • I feel like this is a really good insight and for someone who doesn't watch or read a lot of anime/ magna this could be a different way of looking at 'cultures' through media. Cultures here being the demon vs human culture – ambermakx 6 years ago