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Cannibalism and Capitalism

Is there a link between pieces of popular culture which feature cannibalism and commentary on our economic system? There are several angles from which to approach this metaphor: first in choosing a film or films to compare and contrast (Cloud Atlas, Sweeney Todd, or any zombie film. I would keep the study recent.

  • Make sure you fix the grammar. You forgot to put in the other parentheses sign after "film." – Diego Santoyo 8 years ago
  • I like the idea! Cannibalism in general always has interesting allegories for different societal issues. – emilydeibler 8 years ago
  • The sentence "first in choosing a film or films to compare and contrast" is a little awkward when it stands alone. You should add more after this sentence or take out the "First in" part and replacing it with by or something along those lines. – Kandice17 8 years ago
  • This connection reminds of bell hook's famous essay "Eating the Other: Desire and Resistance." It might be helpful to think about how the trope of "cannibalism" may also include notions of race, and how that is linked to the commercialization of "Otherness." – kooji 8 years ago