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The Transition into Colour from Black and White

This topic could explore major artists who worked in film when the transition from black and white to film occurred, such as Disney and Hitchcock.

  • That was the original intention - to leave that fine-tuning up to the author of the topic instead of limiting the focus too much. Ideas, however, on things one might choose could be, as you say: How did they deal with it? Who was most successful at it? What are the best practices? And so on. – kathleensumpton 8 years ago
  • Another way to narrow the topic down that may be interesting could be to look at how the transition occurred for specific roles on the creative side of film making, like how the creation process was affected for animators, editors, or cinematographers specifically. – Marcie Waters 8 years ago
  • This topic is interesting but an article has already been written on this a couple of months ago. If you choose this topic, be careful not to repeat the exact same! It could be interesting to look at films that both exist in colour and in black and white and compare them, or take one black and white film from Hitchcock and one coloured one and compare them. – Rachel Elfassy Bitoun 8 years ago
  • Thanks for the helpful note Rachel! – kathleensumpton 8 years ago