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Is the well of superhero films running low?

It seems as though every week has a new superhero film debuting, and even though the different universes play host to a litany of different hero and villains, are filmmakers going to have to stretch in order to create new and compelling films? Are these franchise films going to dry the well for future hero/villain films? When are we going to become bored with the genre? The box-office is flooded with with comic adaptations and there are a plethora of new comic-related films in the works. Is there every going to be a lull in these made-for-film adaptations? This goes even further than film and is now plaguing television, with shows like Gotham, Arrow and The Flash.

  • I like this a lot, I feel as though since the universes are so expanded they can do so many things with the different characters that they have. You can even add if they work, what more can they do with these universes? What more can we expand on to the point where it's eventually just going to be a huge black hole full of different universes of superheroes. – scoleman 8 years ago
  • This is an interesting topic. Personally I haven't gotten excited about any recent superhero movies (Ant Man? come on.) so this is absolutely relevant. – SomeOtherAmazon 8 years ago
  • This topic is interesting to consider when you think of the vampire/wear wolf/zombie craze that seemed to have just ended. Could a parallel be made between these two trends? Think about the cycles of movies that have occurred in the last 10 years (the overwhelming abundance of Disney/Pixar sequels following in the same vein). I believe that there could be more discussed beyond the superhero movie craze. A good way to focus would be to take past ones in conjunction with this current hold over the box office/television/streaming(think daredevil) service overload. Why are we constantly being saturated in the latest craze? What does it say about our society? – UnapologeticallyGeneva 8 years ago