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The Rise of Cozy Games

Analyze the rise of cozy games and why they are becoming so popular. Jumpstart Magazine defines cozy games as "a type of gameplay that emphasizes relaxation, comfort and self-care." Cozy games tend to have calm music and a slower game pace. Look at why cozy games continue to grow. For example, cozy games are an escape from the fast paced nature of reality. When compared to games like Fortnite, they provide a much more calm experience. This resonates with a certain subsection of gamers. What is the demographic of this subsection? Additionally, the cozy game sphere tends to be more welcoming to marginalized folk such a people of color, those who identify as LGBTQIA or disabled.

  • Great topic! Just for clarity though, maybe provide a couple of examples of cozy games? I think I know what these are but am not 100% sure, so maybe others have that question, too. – Stephanie M. 7 months ago
  • A good idea is to compare how long people spend on cozy games vs. other games (I:e animal crossing vs. Call of Duty). As well as research how the brain reacts to these types of games. – kelval34 1 month ago