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Dialogue as a Red Herring

Directors like David Lynch mislead audiences with dialogue. Going as far to create distorted backwards voices in Twin Peaks. Alfred Hitchcock once said a film only works if you can understand the story with no sound/dialogue. Explain the effect of dialogue and how it can be used to change the audience’s perspective to intensify the visual elements of the storytelling process.

  • I think this is an incredibly interesting topic and wonder if it applies to non-English dialogue film? – Jmphi 6 years ago
  • Reference the "Unreliable Narrator". How does the audience figure out what is real when they have reason to believe the voice that they hearing/the character whose viewpoint we are following might not be telling the truth? – Kidcanuck 6 years ago
  • This could definitely be an interesting story if researched well. This could also tie into the themes of "actions speaking louder than words" and showing how a character can say one thing, and then turn around and do something else. The question is, when a character is deceiving other characters, can film give that character the ability to deceive the audience, too? – Sharkbait101 6 years ago