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The Questions of "Demonic" Animation

Animated series such as Hazbin Hotel and Disney’s Little Demon have gained popularity over the last year. Some fans are attracted to elements like the musical structure of Hazbin, while others are drawn to sharply drawn and multifaceted characters, as well as irreverent humor and a safe way to explore the darker side of the afterlife.

Yet, just as many other media consumers find this "demonic" animation offensive. For some, it goes against the tenets of their personal faith, particular Abrahamic religions, to consume these shows. Others find the demonic characters and landscape inappropriate for the kids at which some animation is aimed, or inappropriate for a mixed audience. Still others question why this material is so easily greenlit and produced while other material, such as films like Sound of Freedom, faced backlash and "cancelling" attempts due to graphic, yet realistic content at least somewhat based on true events.

Analyze and discuss this "demonic" animation. Beyond its target and niche audiences, does it have any merit and if yes, for whom or in what way? Should there be a "heavenly" counterpart, and if yes, what would that look like (if not, why wouldn’t it work)? If demonic animation should be "replaced" because it’s inappropriate in any way, are there shows or other forms of media that would attract audiences the same way?