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Devil's and Realist and the Occult

Considering that you may be an avid fan of anime and you’ve seen many an anime in your lifetime, it is possible you might have stumbled upon ‘Devil’s and Realist,’ written by Madoka Takadono. This anime is an essential piece of occult literature, which revolves around the school life of an affluent aristocrat in the 19th century England, William Twining, who in the beginning tries to procure a financially stable position with a full ride scholarship. However, Twining has a secret, he is actually King Solomon, and he doesn’t even know it. King Solomon was the King of Isreal, whose roots are seen in biblical scriptures and in the writings of the occult. Having control over demons with the seal of his ring, he was the ruler of the underworld and the keeper of ancient wisdom. This anime follows the exact story of Solomon with a parallel to a skeptical human boy. Although this anime is pure fiction, it revolves around a provocative topic. Overall, ‘Devils and Realist’ is a tantamount part of occultism, and occultism is inextricable to this series. Focusing on the biblical and esoteric story of King Solomon, this article analyzes the correlation between this anime series and the occult.

  • The thesis of this article is thus, "Occultism is inextricable to the anime series, 'Devil's and Realist' which has its roots in the influence of esotericism." – Mindovermatter 5 years ago