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Dynamic Duos: For Better or Worse

Sometimes there’s a beautiful balance – like peas and carrots, pie and ice cream, Laurel and Hardy – between entertainment partners. Sometimes… not so much. In politics, Nancy whispered answers to Ronnie, Cheney pulled Bush’s strings, and for eight years Hillary ran the White House while Bill diddled.

Of course, the same is true in entertainment. In music, Simon really didn’t need Garfunkel, Hall didn’t need Oates, and Diana Ross didn’t need the Supremes. Regarding TV, it’s said that "Eddie Murphy’s success went to Joe Piscopo’s head."

Which comic book character duos – for example, Batman and Robin – are equally necessary? Which are not? Which seem equal but are imbalanced? Which seem imbalanced but are equal? Why do these pairings either work or fail?

  • This looks like a really good concept. I would narrow it down to comics though as that is the topic. For example, Green Hornet and Kato and the Lone Ranger and Tonto. One perspective to take could be how this portrayal has changed over time. I read that when Jay Chou took over Bruce Lee's role as Kato, there were changes made to his role. Here is a link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q8uZiniM5jU. Also, Seth Rogen playing the Green Hornet made it clear that Jay Chou, charismatic music star, wouldn't be a suitable person to be following orders. Also, I would re-examine the title. How about "Dynamic Duos: For Better or Worse.". Just a suggestion. I have a thing about titles, and not just trying to maximize the search engine optimization, although that is very, very important. I try to put myself in the reader's seat so that when scrolling through all that is present on the internet, hopefully this will be a competitive title which will grab the elusive attention of an audience bombarded with all kinds of attention grabbing headlines. – Munjeera 8 years ago
  • I don't agree with all the claims made here, but I like the way you've written it and I'm sure it could be a very engaging article. – TKing 8 years ago
  • Munjeera, that's not some arbitrary "thing about titles," that's just good writing and I appreciate your sharp intellect catching my oversight. TKing, everything I wrote must be true. I read it on the Internet. 😜 – Tigey 8 years ago