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The Popularity of Dynasty Warriors Spin-Offs

Recently there has been a rise in gaming of series that are either a part of the Dynasty Warriors series or spin-offs of it. Most recently there has been Pirate Warriors 3 (One Piece), Hyrule Warriors (Legend of Zelda), and Dragon Quest Heroes: The World Tree’s Woe and the Blight Below (Dragon Quest.) There is even news of an Attack on Titan and Arslan spin-off games.

The unique style of Dynasty Warrior gaming has become immensely popular. For those who don’t know, let me give you a short background on the game mechanics in Dynasty Warriors. Dynasty Warriors offers a unique form of combat in which the player fights as one of the main forces of a large army against another army’s forces. This also means fighting countless hordes of enemies, capture enemy bases and territories, while also protecting your own territories against enemy forces all along with you army of allies. With these features, it truly makes it feel like there are multiple event going on at once and gives the player an immense feeling of freedom.

What stick out the most in the spin-offs are not the mechanics however, but the simplicity and play through of the game. While a lot may be going on at any moment n the game, the game manages to stay simple for people to play and get the most of the story as they have seemed to find a medium between it being too difficult where a person would give up or too easy where t would become boring.

Spin-offs of these games tends to have massive amounts of story and characters each with their own diverse style of weaponry and combat. There are even some relationships between certain characters that is more illustrated in these games then even in their own respective series.

  • I would note that most players (at least in the West) interested in the game generally care little about the plot. However. With spin offs like Hyrule Warriors, the plot becomes significantly more interesting. – Jemarc Axinto 8 years ago
  • I would say the main appeal is that Dynasty Warriors series are "easy". It might not be that easy compared to other action games nowadays, but when the series first came out, the action game scene was dominated by stylish action games like Devil May Cry which required some skills to kill enemies with ease. But Dynasty Warriors' main concept was to emulate the feel of being "the warrior who could match ten thousands men"(epitome given to Guan Yu and Zhang Fei in real history) with easy control. No need to have back-forward-attack then press attack after neutral lever to unleash combos in DW; all you need to do is to press few buttons and enemies fall down like dead leaves. Also, Dynasty Warriors series tend to emphasize characters and dramas more than other action games. If you look at DW or Samurai Warriors, there are literally more than 30~40 playable characters, with distinctive designs or weapons of their own. This allows the gamers to play as their favorite NPC or minor characters, or even villains. The constant conversation between characters during the battle makes each very dramatic, which appeals to the gamers who want to see more character interactions or what if scenarios. This is very interesting topic. I will write on this topic. – idleric 8 years ago
  • My Son is big fan of this Dynasty Warriors series. – WilliamRiley 8 years ago